Artdeshine Bio Nano Pro



  • Size: 500ml


Artdeshine Bio Nano Pro

Artdeshine’s Bio Nano Pro is a water based maintenance coating concentrate designed to be used periodically with a ceramic coating or as a stand alone paint sealant. This product is suitable to be used with our range of graphene products, however we recommend the use of our graphene detailer for graphene based maintenance.

The 100ml Bio Nano Pro bottle dilutes 14:1 with water to create 1.5 Litres of sealant. Bio Nano Pro can be used on a wet or dry surface however users will experience extended durability when applied to a dry surface.

Artdeshine Bio Nano Pro contains Amino Siloxane and is an easy spray and wipe application with a non-oily, non-streaking finish and strong hydrophobic effect that is safe for use on all surfaces including paint, glass, plastic trim and chrome.

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Weight .540 kg

Bio Nano Pro, 500ml Labelled empty bottle with chemical resistant sprayer, 946ml Labelled empty bottle with chemical resistant sprayer