Buff and Shine EdgeGuard White Pad 5″



  • Finishing
  • Twin pack
  • Worlds leading buffing pads with best adhesive backed velcro
  • Engineered for perfect balance
  • Open cell foam creates fast heat disbursement & even product spread
  • Designed for all polishers especially Long Throw Orbitals


The Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Polishing Pads are high quality polishing pads engineered to provide you with exceptional results and protect your vehicle from the edges of your polisher’s backing plate! This unique edge design wraps the foam around the backing plate and sets these pads apart from the competition. The built-in edge guard acts as a protective barrier, helping prevent accidental contact between the pad and adjacent surfaces. No more worrying about unintentionally damaging delicate trim, molding, or paintwork. With the EdgeGuard technology, you can confidently tackle intricate areas, edges, and curves without any fear of leaving unsightly marks.

Each pad is made from a premium blend of foam, carefully selected by Buff and Shine to deliver optimal results. The foam layer provides excellent stability and even pressure distribution, ensuring a uniform polishing process. This combination aids with easy removal of swirl marks, oxidation, and imperfections, leaving behind a stunning finish.
Utilizing special materials the pad’s backing allows heat to dissipate creating better results and a longer lasting pad. EdgeGuard Pads are not only durable and reliable but also incredibly easy to use. The hook-and-loop backing ensures quick and secure pad attachment, allowing you to switch between different pads effortlessly. This convenience saves you valuable time and effort, letting you focus on what matters most, achieving that perfect finish. Invest in the Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Polishing Pads today and elevate your polishing game to new heights!

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Weight .500 kg