Buff and Shine Uro Wool Grey Pad 5″



  • 100% Knitted Wool Cutting Pad
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Perfect for use with all Compounds
  • Perfect for all types of Polishers


Buff and Shine Manufacturing is excited to introduce our second wool member to the “Uro Wool” pad line.  The Uro-Wool Blended pad is a step below our 100% white wool pad in aggressiveness and enhanced with a proprietary wool blend.  This pad is specifically designed to cut but leave a better finish than our white Uro-Wool.

The Uro-Wool Blended pad uses a blend of processed wool that is “knitted” onto the pad, not twisted.  The biggest advantage of knitted wool is the minimal amount of lint floating around the shop!  The face of the knitted wool pad is soft to the touch but slightly denser because of the proprietary blend.  The blend consists of a process different than our white Uro-Wool pad keeping the fibers fused together which helps keep product more on the face of the pad.  Product will still be absorbed but at a different rate than the white Uro-Wool which allows for a more versatile wool pad.

You will also notice that the Uro-Wool pad has virtually no interface between the wool fiber pad face and the hook-and-loop backing material.  This allows the power of the polisher and the movement of the technician to transfer more directly and actively to the paint surface, resulting in faster polishing and correction cycles.

Uro-Wool can be used with all polishing machines—simple rotary, dual-action, random-orbit, long-throw, high-action, gear-driven.  The pads are available in 5” & 6″.

To clean Uro-Wool pads, use compressed air or an appropriate pad brush.  You can also use a mechanical pad washer or wash them by hand.

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Weight .200 kg