Buff and Shine Reflection Artist Kit



  • NEW Grey Uro-Wool™ Blend Pad
  • Black Uro-Fiber™ Finisher Microfiber Pad – Medium Cut
  • Uro-Tec™ Maroon Foam Pad – Medium Cut
  • NEW Uro-Tec™ Dark Blue Foam Pad – Heavy Polish
  • Uro-Tec™ Yellow Foam Pad – Polish/Finish
  • 5″, 6″


If you are not already familiar, the Reflection Artist Pad Line by Buff and Shine Manufacturing is a select combination of some the most innovative pads available in the industry today. This unique pad combination was created from a select few pads from our current URO pad line, as well as some specially designed NEW pads created to complete this ALL-IN-ONE pad system! Buff and Shine Mfg. developed a way to make it even easier to become a Reflection Artist™ by creating a cool and easy-to-use kit containing all the pads you need!

Each kit will contain one each of your choice of either 5” or 6” (loop) sizes of all 5 pads from the Reflection Artist™ Pad Line.

The foam pads chosen for the Reflection Artist Lineup were selected from our URO Tec category of pads.  Uro-Tec pads are made with high-quality reticulated (open cell) euro foam with a higher density that will reduce pad softening that some technicians experience during heavy use with their machines.  This is because the open cell construction helps to disperse heat during use.  The perfect balance of these pads reduces vibration and pad “hopping”, which leads to superior contact with the polishing surface, which increases polishing efficiency.

Although all Buff and Shine’s Uro-Tec pads will work great with virtually any polisher, the 3 pads selected for the Reflection Artist Line are especially favored to be used with any DA polishers and used with any paint systems chosen.  These Uro-Tec pads are perfectly balanced for any types of polishers or polishing systems, hence a perfect addition of foam pads to be added.  These pads are – URO Tec maroon – medium cut, NEWLY DESIGNED dark blue heavy polish and yellow polish/finish.

Reflection Artist (noun) – a person skilled at the particular task of producing a mirror-like, reflective image on painted surfaces.

This term began with discussions between longtime Buff and Shine Sales Manager and “Pad Guru” Julio Mondragon and Buff and Shine’s Lead Global Consultant Justin Labato, who officially brought to life the term Reflection Artist on July 18th, 2016.  These two words quickly snow-balled into not just a cool buzz word, but the beginning of an actual brand culture.  Justin’s idea was to utilize a select few pads that were in the existing URO Pad Lineup, as well as the development of some new and innovative pads to create – The Reflection Artist Pad Line.  This new and innovatively developed pad combination can be simply defined as an ALL-IN-ONE pad system that can accommodate all machines, all buffing systems as well as all skillsets……from Novice to Professional.

So what are the advantages of this new ALL-IN-ONE pad line?

  • Will work with all DA and RA tools available in the market today – Gear driven, free-spinning, short throw and long throw machines from any manufacturer. So no need to purchase new machines to get amazing finishes!
  •  Will also work with all the numerous paint systems currently available in the industry. So no need to change your favorite compound/polish combinations.
  • This pad line also caters to all skill set levels…. from novice to professional. A daily professional to a weekend warrior can utilize this pad system to achieve mirror-like paint surfaces every time!

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5", 6"