DIY Detail Ceramic Gloss



  • Ultra Glossy
  • Ultra Slick
  • Protection From Dirt and Debris, Acid Rain, Light Scratches, and Extreme Temperatures
  • UV Protection
  • Dirt/Debris-Repelling Properties
  • Makes Cleaning Your Car a Breeze!
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Give your paint a stunning shine and protection that lasts for months! Ceramic Gloss is a high-tech ceramic detail spray that forms a chemical bond with your paint to increase UV protection, shine, and slickness. This ceramic coating product gives your vehicle the new car twinkle and long-lasting protection from dirt and debris, acid rain, light scratches, and extreme temperatures. As an added bonus, the water-resistant and dirt/debris-repelling properties of Ceramic Gloss make cleaning your car a breeze!

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic Gloss’ professional grade ceramic coating technology makes it superior in both longevity and protection vs. traditional waxes and detail sprays. Ceramic Gloss spray coating can be applied to any surface on your vehicle to create a streak-free ultra-slick surface. Keep your vehicle protected with a glossy shine you’ll love!


Quick Detailer:
Mist Ceramic Gloss onto the vehicle surface. Wipe with a clean, dry plush microfiber towel, buffing until the product is removed.

Drying Aid:
After the vehicle has been rinsed and is still wet, lightly mist detail spray into your drying towel and onto the intended surface. Using a drying towel to create a protected streak-free shine.

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