DIY Detail Tree Sap Remover

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  • Removes Tree Sap Easily
  • Suitable for Painted Surfaces, Plastic, Rubber, Glass & Moldings
  • Highly Effective
  • Wipes Off Easily
  • Also Great for Removing Tar, Bee Pollen, Bug Residue, Wax and Silicone.

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Removes tree sap easily from painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, glass & moldings without rubbing or buffing. The Tree Sap Remover wipes off easily and is also great for removing tar, bee pollen, bug residue, wax and silicone. Multiple applications may be needed depending on the severity of the sap/debris buildup.

Tree Sap Remover is easy on paint and safe to use on clear coats. The advanced cleaning technology safely and effectively goes to work removing tough grime in seconds for easy removal. Easily wipe away with a cloth or sponge.

Features & Details:

Professional strength solvent

Removes stubborn road tar, grease, asphalt, and tree sap from exterior surfaces of your vehicle

Safe on clear coat, plastics, and wheels


Surfaces to be treated should be clean and dry. Apply product to an appropriate applicator pad or spray directly on the surface and gently work the product into the surface to be treated. Avoid rubbing too hard and allow the product to do the work. Multiple applications may be needed to allow the product to fully penetrate and remove the tree sap. Follow treated areas with a quality wax to restore protection.

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