Grit Guard



  • 26cm Diameter
  • Ensures safe, scratch free car washing
  • Simple and cost effective

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Grit Guard insert will protect your vehicle’s painted surfaces from being scratched during hand car washing. The secret to the Grit Guard insert is that there are no flat surfaces for dirt or grit to be collected and thus it allows the grit and dirt particles from your wash sponges, mitts settle to the bottom of the bucket, where they remain trapped safely away. The wings underneath the Grit Guard stop the water from swirling around, which means that it significantly reduces the possibility of grit or soil re-emerging into the main body of water through turbulence. This means that your wash applicators will remain grit free during the wash process.

In an increasingly educated car wash market, we are well aware that grit, grime & dirt from your wash mitt or sponge are the primary cause of scratches and swirls in your vehicles finish. By using the the Grit Guard Insert you are insuring a clean, scratch-free wash mitt or sponge every time you go back to the bucket for water. Simply rub your sponges, mitts etc. along the Grit Guard to release all grit and grime. All of the potentially harmful dirt settles in the bottom of the bucket, keeping it our of your sponge or mitt and off of your paint.

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