Leyo DSG Napa Leather Shift Knob



  • Solid billet aluminium
  • Premium Nappa leather


Add a touch of sophistication to your center console by replacing the factory shift knob with this beautiful Leyo Billet DSG shift knob wrapped in Nappa leather. Our sifting mechanism pays homage to manual transmission cars injecting a sense of fun when shifting. To shift, simply wrap your hands around our beautifully crafted shift knob and lift up the lever with your fingers to disengage the lockout.
The main knob is cnc’d from a single block of billet aluminium and the undergoes a six stage hand polishing. It is then anodized to offer protection to the aluminium, then finally sent off to expert craftsman to painstakingly wrap each shift knob in premium Nappa leather.
Shift like you have never shifted before.

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Weight 1.5 kg