Leyo Manual Napa Leather Shift Knob (Demo)

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  • Solid billet aluminium
  • Premium Nappa leather

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This one has been a display model but presents as new. Just without box. This one has also had the world’s best leather protection applied to it.

Our elegant billet shift knob that is wrapped in Nappa leather is now available for volkswagen manual transmission. Here at Leyo Motorsport, we gice a shift, manual car owners has been heard and requests turned into reality.
The main knob is cnc’d from a single block of billet aluminium and the undergoes a six stage hand polishing. It is then anodized to offer protection to the aluminium, then finally sent off to expert craftsman to painstakingly wrap each shift knob in premium Nappa leather.
No longer do you need to grab the dull shift knob your next foor grandpa also has when you change a gear.

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