MIRKA Pro Iridium 1250 Polishing Compound

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  • Cutting & polishing
  • Spot Repair
  • Clear coat, polyurethane high gloss, lacquers, top coat

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Professional polishing compound for removing scratches from spot sanding with Mirka Iridium SR.

​​​​​The compound has been developed especially for the Mirka PRO Finishing solution. The solution is a process that combines Mirka’s surface finishing experience with our innovative abrasives and cordless tools.

The Pro Iridium 1250 compound is the final piece of the puzzle in the finishing solution. Normally polishing when removing surface defects is a two-step process, where you use one compound to remove the scratch marks from the sanding, and then another to get that glossy finish. Pro Iridium™ 1250 is developed to give you the best of both worlds, meaning you only need to polish once, while still getting a perfect result.

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