MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2 1/4″ Quick Connect

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  • Best snow foam cannon on the market
  • Thicker foam ensures longer dwell time on vehicle
  • Manufactured from high quality materialsBrass fittings & robust plastic parts
  • Compatible with pressure washers between 1,300PSI (90 Bar) to 4,931PSI (340 Bar)

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  • Produces incredibly ‘Shaving Cream’ thick snow foam with most foam cannon shampoos.
  • Thicker foam ensures longer dwell time on vehicle body
  • Manufactured from high quality materialsBrass fittings & robust plastic parts.
  • Uses lesser car wash shampoo.
  • Full bottle of snow foam shampoo dilution foams up to approximately 4 cars.
    • Most snow foam shampoos dilution ratio is 1:9.
    • MJJC bottle fills up to 1,000ml.

* Note: Increasing foam thickness increases shampoo consumption  

  • Compatible with pressure washers between 1,300PSI (90 Bar) to 4,931PSI (340 Bar).
  • Interchangeable orifice to suit different PSI. (refer to the Orifice Guide below)
  • Foam Cannon comes with pre-installed with a 1.25mm orifice. 
    • Additional 1.1mm orifice is included in the box.
  • Foam control knob on top of foam lance controls foam thickness.
    • Turn knob Clockwise for thicker foam
    • Turn knob Anti-Clockwise for lesser foam
  • Black turn control on lance controls fan for wide or spot spray pattern.
    • Clockwise to narrow fan
    • Anti-Clockwise to widen fan
  • 360° rotatable spray nozzle feature makes it easier to foam the top, side & chassis of your vehicle.
  • Robust Leak-proof bottle.
    • Wide bottle base to avoid bottle toppling over.
    • Wide mouth opening (5cm) for convenient filling of shampoo & water.
    • Large Bottle (1,200ml) with measurement groove up to 1,000ml.
    • Indentation on the base of bottle for easy attachment or removal of bottle when hands are soapy.
  • Leak-proof Foam Lance Cap. Plastic thread on bottle & cap screws on with ease & leak-proof.
  • Threaded Copper connection connects adapter & fitting makes it easier to attach adapters. (NO PTFE tape or glue required)
  • Gravity Ball on suction tube (connected to bottom of foam lance & laid into bottle)
    • Acts as a filter to prevent residue from entering foam lance system & clogging.
    • Gravity ball moves around the bottom of the bottle ensuring shampoo is completely dispensed.
  • New foam lance structure makes it easier to change nozzle orifice and mesh filter.
  • For a better vehicle washing experience, complete your set-up with the MJJC Light Weight Short Trigger Spray Gun & Spray wand or Spray Nozzle (5 in 1 spray pattern).


Orifice Guide
1.1mm orifice:             Under 1,595psi (110 Bar) pressure washer
1.25mm orifice:           1,595psi (110 Bar) ~ 2,175psi (150 Bar) pressure washer
1.35mm orifice:           2,175psi (150 Bar) ~ 4,061psi (280 Bar) pressure washer
1.65mm orifice:           4,061psi (280 Bar) ~ 4,931 (340 Bar) pressure washer
*Above information is for guide only.


In the Box:

1 x MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2

1 x Adapter compatible with your pressure washer (also available without adapters)

1 x 1.25mm Orifice nozzle comes pre-installed on the foam cannon

1 x 1.1mm Orifice nozzle

1 x Gravity Ball & Suction Tube

1 x User Manual

1 year limited warranty (T&C applies)

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