MJJC Foam Cannon S V3 1/4″ Quick Connect

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  • Best snow foam cannon on the market
  • Thicker foam ensures longer dwell time on vehicle
  • Manufactured from high quality materialsBrass fittings & robust plastic parts
  • Compatible with pressure washers between 1,300PSI (90 Bar) to 4,931PSI (340 Bar)


What’s New with Cannon S V3

  • New & Improved structure & mechanism
    • Smoother Controls on the 360-degree spray pattern twist control.
  • New Extended Suction Tube & Gravity Ball
    • Extended Suction Tube moves around the bottle ensuring snow foaming solution is completely dispensed without any wastage.
    • Gravity Ball ensures the suction tube stays at the bottom of the bottle & acts as a filter to prevent debris from entering the foam lance system.
  • New & Improved Foam Lance to Bottle Quick Twist Lock
    • Improved bottle thread ensures tighter & more secure connection between Foam Lance & Bottle.
    • Quick Twist lock only requires a 90-degree turn to tighten the foam lance to the bottle.
    • Especially convenient when attaching or detaching the foam lance from the bottle with wet & soapy hands.
  • New & Improved Foaming Technology – Lesser Solution, Thicker Foam
    • Thicker & more consistent ‘Shaving Cream’ thick foam.
    • Requires lesser snow foaming solution but produces thicker foam.
    • Reduced operational noise from foam lance.
  • New Bottle Design
    • Wider Bottle mouth bottle eases filling snow foam shampoo and water.
    • Wider Bottle Base to avoid bottle tipping over.

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