MJJC Short Trigger Spray Gun 8mm with swivel

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  • Improved washing experience
  • pressure washer upgrade
  • 8mm quick connect adaptor inlet
  • 1/4 quick connect outlet


Upgrade your pressure washer Spray Trigger Gun with MJJC Light Weight High Pressure Washer Trigger Gun.

Improved ergonomics & higher spray output, MJJC engineers designed a lighter trigger gun which performs better than the OEM trigger gun.

The live swivel joint allows a kink-free & anti-twist washing experience.

MJJC Trigger guns are manufactured from high quality materials & brass connectors similar to the MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2.

Compliment your car wash set-up with the MJJC Trigger Gun to improve your car washing experience.


In-the-box: Trigger Gun only (does not include spray wand, spray tips or nozzle)



  1. Max Pressure: 200 Bar (3,000psi)
  2. MJJC Trigger gun converts your OEM trigger gun connector end to 1/4″ Quick Connect
  3. OEM Spray Wand adapter will not be compatible after changing to MJJC Trigger Gun



  1. Before use, always check Spray Tip connection with wand before using 
  2. After checking, always point the spray wand away from people or vehicles & then test water pressure
  3. Always perform a test spray on the ground before pointing at your vehicle
  4. Always begin test spraying the wand from a distance to avoid damaging your vehicle paint work

*** MJJC Australia will not be responsible for any damage or injuries if the item is not used in a proper manner. Keep item away from children, this item should only be used by an adult.

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