Nestie Detailing Professional Pressure Washer Kit



  • Full Italian made pressure washer
  • Retracta High pressure hose reel 20m
  • Mosmatic couplers and plugs on pressure washer, hose and spray gun
  • Mosmatic Shorty spray gun
  • MJJC snow foam cannon
  • High quality kit that will professionally clean your vehicles for years
  • 8.5 LPM


This Electric Pressure washer is a rugged tool constructed for all your work needs. Adjust and fine tune your pressure featuring a brass manifold with integrated unloader and glycerin filled pressure gauge.
It is equipped with an 18 Amp Induction Motor which gives a strong flow rate of 8.5 lpm. If you are looking for a work worthy companion, this machine has the power and flow rate to completely detail your vehicle as well as many other worthy tasks.

  • Ceramic Pistons
  • Brass Pump Head
  • Triplex Crack shaft Plunger Pump
  • Automatic by-pass valve with head pressure discharge
  • Built in Pressure Unloader
  • Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge


  • Extremely versatile high pressure washer: it can be used on its own, mounted on the special two-wheeled trolley for easier transport, or hung on a wall using the special mounting unit.
  • High performance professional high pressure washer: thanks to its powerful, quiet running and reliable induction motor.
  • Built with very high quality materials: like the brass pump head and professional level accessories: 8m reinforced hose, shorty spray gun and 5pce nozzle tips.
  • The pump pressure is displayed: on the special pressure gauge and it can be regulated based on the cleaning job to be performed.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg