Nestrax Elite Garage



  • Made in USA
  • Easy Installation
  • Supports rolling loads of over 80,000pounds / 36,287kg
  • Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals

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Nestrax garage flooring is a popular choice with auto detailing, race teams, commercial and personal garages. It’s the ideal choice for wet, muddy, and snowy climates as well as wash bays. The patented self-draining top and channelled under structure allows for maximum airflow and drainage. Use Nestrax over a drain, as a cleaning station or on the entire floor to help keep your shop or garage dry.

Key Benefits
High End Style: Provides not only a high tech look but transforms any garage or workshop into a professional looking space.
Self-Draining: Maximum airflow and drainage of liquids and debris.
Modular Design: Engineered to create a custom garage floor at virtually any size.
Easy to Clean Surface: Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals.
Patented Powerlock Technology: Flooring modules lock into place and stay engaged.
High Performance Substructure: Supports rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds / 36,287kg / while allowing air and moisture to escape.
Made in the USA: Flooring garages Worldwide.
Easy Installation: Update your garage floor in hours, not days.

Where are they made?
These quality tiles are made right in the USA. Unlike other companies in this industry, the molds are engineered and built-in house as well as manufacture all the tiles in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. No other company can make this statement, at least not truthfully.

What Makes Nestrax stand above all others?
The tiles have current patents and offer the highest quality in the world. These tiles are engineered to outperform all others in the harsh environment. We use the best available materials and most advanced environmentally friendly manufacturing process available.

What is PowerLock System?
The patented interlocking system is the culmination of nearly 40 years of engineering and manufacturing premium modular flooring.
These tiles have invented, developed, tried, and tested every possible lock style and quantities of locks. We have tried two, three, four, five, six, seven and even eight locks per side. Forty years of trial and error has taught us “ The Power Of 4”. Four PowerLocks per side on all four sides of each tile is the magic combination for ease of installation, durability, thermal expansion and integration with the under substructure. Don’t be misled, it’s not about the number of locks, but the superior performance of the PowerLocks themselves.

What is the patented substructure all about?
Nestrax is a full-suspension garage floor that is engineered to handle extreme loads while the substructure is channelled to allow air and moisture to circulate freely underneath, preventing odor-causing mold and mildew. The patented substructure will handle vehicle rolling loads in excess of 80,000 pounds/ 36,287kg without any damage to the floor. Whether you have heavy tool chests, 4 post lifts, forklifts or just your prized ride, Nestrax will handle it all.

How easy is Nestrax to install?
It’s very easy to install. They are engineered to be a true garage DIY flooring system. In as little as two hours you can transform your garage into a showplace.

Can I remove a single tile or section within the floor?
Yes, the PowerLocks can be released with a simple putty knife or screwdriver.

Will my garage floor stain if I spill oil or grease on it?
We use only the best high impact copolymers when we manufacture the tiles. No rubber, no pvc, no filler, no foaming agents. This means your floor will not stain from any petroleum products spilled on it.

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SINGLE GARAGE 3.5m x 5.8m, DOUBLE GARAGE 6m x 6m