Platinum Potions Glass Cleanse



Platinum Potions Premium Glass Cleaner:

Glass Cleanse – Perfect clarity for all types of tinted glass windows, mirrors & polycarbonate.

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Platinum Potions Premium Glass Cleaner:

Glass cleanse is a safe & simple to use premium quality glass cleaner that has been specially formulated to use on all types of glass, mirrors, Polycarbonates (clear plastics) & touch screens. It will easily remove most oily & greasy residues such as finger prints, smoker’s film residue, make up residue, dried out spit/phlegm (LOL) & bug splatter with ease, leaving behind a streak free finish. Glass Cleanse does not contain any ammonia, bleach or any other harsh solvents that can eat away at window tints, melt touch screens or damage polycarbonates.


Glass Cleanse is safe to use on all types of tinted films such as:

  • Carbon Films
  • Ceramic Films
  • Dyed Films
  • Metalized Films (such as chrome)



  • Anti-Bacterial Ingredients
  • Steak Free Finish
  • pH Neutral Formulation
  • Fragrance Free

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500ml, 5L