Platinum Potions Hot Pursuit

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  • The Scent: Smooth, sharp, sporty and reckless ASF men’s cologne where nothing can stop you! AKA: Sports Mood
  • Top notes: Sharp and refreshing marine notes
  • Middle notes: Amber, Neroli and geranium
  • Base notes: Light peppermint, oakmoss and vetiver


Unleash in the ultimate ultra-olfactory experience with our Private Collection

Maximum potency, unparalleled luxury.
Introducing our Private Collection, an extraordinary and curated selection of our top five most wanted fragrances, refined to the highest concentration levels known in the designer fragrance industry: Extrait de Parfum (not to be confused with Eau de Parfum). This isn’t just Eau de Parfum—this is a next-level olfactory experience, specially crafted for your car.

Ultimate Craftsmanship and Premium Ingredients
Private Collection features a unique cross-hybrid chemical composition, utilising the finest grades of perfumer’s alcohols, solvents and ingredients found in the world’s most prestigious perfumes. Our innovative chemistry ensures that this line of air fresheners not only enhances your car’s scent but also retains the odour-eliminating, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties of our standard 500ml deodorising air fresheners, with a huge boost in fragrance potency.

Handcrafted with Pride, Passion, and Precision
From start to finish, every step of our manufacturing process is performed by hand and in a controlled environment. Each batch is mixed and aged under a sealed nitrogen chamber for optimal ripeness. Glass bottles are rinsed in 99.9% perfume-grade alcohol and purged with nitrogen to ensure near-zero contamination. Every bottle is hand-filled and sealed with an airtight plug. Finally, each bottle is capped with a premium quality lid and aluminium sprayer and labelled by hand for that final touch of authenticity.

Seamless Integration for Prolonged Fragrance Longevity
Private Collection can be used in conjunction with our standard 500ml deodorising air fresheners, allowing you to extend the fragrance longevity even further.

Transform your car’s ambience with our Private Collection — where luxury meets performance.


  • The increase in potency from our Private Collection may not equate to a longer-lasting scent in some circumstances, but rather a more intense olfactory experience.
  • Flammable product, dangerous goods (DG) rules apply, cannot ship to Tasmania (due to Australia Post’s policies), No PO boxes, parcel lockers or locked bags, we can only ship this product to home or business addresses.

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