Platinum Potions Leather Detailer



Platinum Potions Premium Leather Detailer:

Leather Detailer: A simple & easy to use leather quick detailer to clean, condition & protect your leather.

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Platinum Potions Premium Leather Detailer:

Leather Detailer is a water based formulation that is a simple & easy to use “quick detailer” that has been specially formulated to use on most types of moderm OEM top coated sealed leathers. It is perfect to use after cleaning leather & to use it as a weekly leather wipe down as it will remove dust, fingerprints & light oily residues without the need for a full clean & condition. It helps leathers stay cleaner for longer & lays down layer of UV protection on the leather.

Leather Detailer helps clean (lightly), condition & protect most modern automotive OEM leathers without damaging the “top coating” of the leather as it does not contain any solvents, silicones, waxes or colorants. This product is perfect for 95% of the everyday cars out in the market that have “top coated” sealed leather.


Specially Formulated & safe to use on most types of OEM automotive leathers including:

  • Leather Seats, Headrests & Bolsters
  • Leather Door Cards & Dash Boards
  • Leather Arm Rests & Steering Wheels



  • pH Nuetral formulation
  • Anti-Static formulation so less dust sticks to leather
  • Helps protect leather againts UV-A & UV-B solar rays
  • Sheen free finish to maintain satin OEM look of leathers
  • Anti-Bacterial ingredients to help leather stay cleaner for longer


Please note:

– Not designed to be used on suede or unsealed leathers

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