Platinum Potions Plastic Detailer



Platinum Potions Premium Plastic Detailer:

Plastic Detailer: A dedicated final touch to your interior plastics.

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Platinum Potions Premium Plastic Detailer:

Plastic Detailer has spent more time in R&D than we can think of, this premium quality chemical is the final stage of deep cleaning & maintaining your interior plastics & it is also the perfect follow-up product after usingĀ Plastic Cleanse.


Plastic Detailer is safe to use on all types of OEM textured & non-textured plastics inside your car, when used properly it will help your plastics stay cleaner for longer especially in high touch areas (buttons, switches & door handles) & it is the perfect anti-bacterial solution to use as a quick interior maintenance detailer on a weekly biases to remove oily finger print marks & dust.


To top it off, Plastic Cleanse also leaves a microscopic (invisible to the naked eye) protection layer on your plastics to help maintain & protect your interior plastics against harmful UV solar ray damage.


Specially formulated & safe to use on all types of OEM interior plastics including:

  • Plastic Dash Boards
  • Plastic Door Cards
  • Plastic Centre Consoles
  • Plastic Door Trims
  • Plastic Buttons
  • Door Handles
  • Air-Conditioning Vents
  • Any Other Solid Plastic Surfaces



  • Anti-Bacterial Formulation to help plastics stay cleaner for long
  • Anti-Static Ingredients to help reduce dust build up
  • Protection Against UVA & UVB Solar Rays
  • Streak & Sheen Free Finish to Maintain OEM appearance/look & touch
  • pH Neutral Formulation to ensure its safe on the most delicate plastics
  • Fresh Clean Apple Scent (that fades off as soon as it dries)


Keep Note:

  • This product is NOT designed to be used on touch screens, glass & polycarbonate (clear plastics).

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