Platinum Potions Revitalise



Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

The Scent: A very masculine, aquatic & crispy like perfume with hints of geranium & neroli.


  • 125ml bottle yields 420+ sprays

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Platinum Potions Premium Deodorizing Air Freshener:

Crafted carefully for months with beta testing with motorsports fanatics. We finally introduce a proper premium deodorising air freshener specially for the motorsports industry than can be used in helmets, shoes, gloves, back packs, jackets, pants & suites that are internally lined with any type of fabric, including all technical grade fabrics. Heck even your undies if you are game enough!

Don’t let the small bottle fool you as this stuff is strong & packs a punch, a single 125ml bottle yields 420+ sprays.

Revitalise contains Anti-Bacterial ingredients to eliminate bacterial odours right down to the molecule level & also has a dose of Anti-Microbial ingredients that can help stop the growth & devolvement of mould in fabrics.

Best of all its skin safe when used as directed!

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