Platinum Potions Sweet Razz

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Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

The Scent: A careful blend of very rich, very heavy dark raspberry jam that has an amazing textured & layered smell to it.

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Platinum Potions Premium Deodorising Air Freshener:

Our Potions are a premium 2 in 1 product!


For long you have had to choose between an odour neutralizer (that leaves a musky/nasty smell behind) or an air freshener that only masks the odours for a short period of time (eventually the bad odours come back).

With our Potions you get the best of both worlds, our Potions contain multiple anti-bacterial & anti-microbial elements that eliminate the source of foul odours at a molecule level, our Potions also help fight against many different types of bacteria lingering in your carpets/fabrics & can slow down &/or stop the microbial growth of mould.

Our Potions are extremely potent, long lasting & most importantly the fragrances do not have an artificial smell. Once dry our Potions do not leave an oily or greasy residue behind & are perfectly safe to use on all types of automotive, aviation, maritime & household carpets, floor mats, fabric upholstery & fabric boot linings.

Some of the stubborn odours our Potions eliminate are:

  • Cigarette smoke & ash smell
  • Body & pet odours
  • Food odours
  • Mouldy odours
  • Vomit stank
  • Dirty gym stank
  • Stale milk & coffee odours
  • Urine odours


Do note: Our 500ml coloured Potions are NOT safe to use on white, cream & yellow coloured carpets & fabrics (they will discolour them over time)

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