P&S Odor Doc – Odor Elimination Kit

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  • Odor Elimination Kit
  • Chlorine Dioxide Treatment
  • For Use By Professionals
  • 5 minute Prep, 1 hour Treatment
  • One Kit Per Treatment
  • Easy and Effective

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P&S Odor Doc is the perfect tool to allow you to target and remove bad and offensive odors from your entire vehicle! Traditional air fresheners are generally designed to simply mask bad odors and not remove the odour making bacteria that cause them. ODOR DOC Odor Elimination Kit is a quick release vapor process that eliminates stubborn odors including odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, etc. ODOR DOC quickly treats enclosed areas with the most powerful (chlorine dioxide gas) penetrating technology available. Released as a vapor, the broad spectrum biocide product is safe, powerful and effective.

The process is simple! Make sure the interior of the vehicle is clean and dry prior to treatment. Treatment takes one hour. ODOR DOC is 8 times stronger than traditional chlorine dioxide treatments and destroys the toughest of odors.

In order to reach all areas within your car’s interior and air conditioning / ventilation system, Odor Doc produces a powerful chlorine dioxide vapor that penetrates your entire vehicle, so odors will not be able to hide. For specific use and safety instructions we highly recommend reading the included instructions sheet and watching the application video which can be found above. According to P&S, Odor Doc is 8 times stronger than traditional chlorine dioxide treatments and destroys the toughest of odors with ease. Don’t let odors go untreated, reach for the P&S Odor Doc Odor Elimination Kit!

Basic Use Instructions:-

– (Read detailed instructions included with the kit)
– Wear protective gloves and safety glasses.
– Open can and remove contents, cut open foil pouch and remove 2 tablets and place them in the canister.
– It is ideal to have vehicle running during treatment so place vehicle outside in shaded area or in location with proper ventilation.
– Place canister on passenger side floor and fill canister with water to FILL LINE (splatter may occur if not filled completely).
– Start vehicle, turn on air conditioning and set temperature between 15°C & 27°C on the recirculation setting. If possible, use setting for both floor and face.
– Once everything is set, close vehicle doors and windows, lock vehicle (whilst the car is running and allow ODOR DOC to work for between 45 minutes and 1 hour.
– Once complete open doors and windows to allow chlorine dioxide gas to dissipate for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
– A slight chlorine odor may remain for a short period of time and this is normal.
– Treatment process is complete!
This video will cover proper use and care when using the product.

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