Refract Fury HD Tornador Air Cleaning Gun



  • Air Driven interior cleaning tool
  • High Speed, heavy pulse, twisting action
  • Removes pet hair, sand and debris from carpets in seconds
  • Dramatic fast results
  • Eliminates unnecessary vacuuming
  • The Professional Detailers Secret Weapon
  • Patent Design

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The Refract FURY HD Tornador Air Cleaning Gun is an air tool that produces a powerful pulsing and twisting effect that removes pet hair, dirt, sand and debris from carpets without the need of a vacuum cleaner.

With its powerful pulsing and twisting action it can quickly and easily take the hard work out of interior cleaning.

The uniquely designed aluminium tube is enclosed in a High-Speed bearing assembly and is driven and spun by compressed air. The compressed forces the tube to rotate at a high RPM creating an aggressive twisting and pulsing action. This aggressive but safe action manipulates and lifts pet hair, dirt, sand and debris out of carpets and interior crevices

Simply blow debris out an open door and eliminate hours of un-necessary vacuuming


High Quality Japanese Bearing assembly

German, Japanese and Taiwan Made Components

Trumpet design with brush head attachment

Rubber Hand Grips

Quick-Connect Adaptor 1/4/’Nitto Fitting

180 Degree Swivel type fitting


Keep out of reach of Children

Never point or use air gun on humans or animals

Eye and Hearing Protection MUST BE WORN

Directions For USE


Tool Requirements

2.5Hp, 80-Litre Air Tank Size Compressor

130 Free Air Delivery @ 90 psi

Additional information

Weight .620 kg