Scangrip Tripod

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  • Extendable from 2.2 m to 4.5 m

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The air cushioned SCANGRIP TRIPOD 4.5m is designed for stationary and flexible positioning of the SITE LIGHTS work lights that provide extremely bright illumination of a large working area of the building site.

Extendable from 2.2 m to 4.5 m, the tripod offers complete flexibility to position the work light into the required height and angle. When mounted on the tripod, the light can be tilted to provide the optimum beam angle. The tripod is supplied with a built-in air cushioned safety system feature for safe and easy use that prevents accidental drops or falls when raising or lowering the tripod.

The tripod is made of durable powder coated steel, has a welded steel mounting cap (10 mm thread) and fits a DIN14640 connection adapter with bracket for mounting on a tripod. The stable construction of the SCANGRIP TRIPOD makes it safe even when fully extended. It is supplied with anchor points that provide an opportunity for extra stability if the tripod is exposed to strong wind or standing on an uneven surface.

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