Tyre Dressing Applicator



  • Color:  Black & Yellow
  • Material: Foam/Sponge


This foam tyre dressing applicator has been specifically designed for performance and ease of use when applying either silicone or non-silicone based tyre dressings to your vehicle’s tyres. The crescent shaped, curved sponge pad contours the tyre’s profile, thus ensuring an even application of the dressing to all tyre surfaces and reduces the occurrence of any high spots due to excess dressing. The tapered edges of the sponge provides increased access to both the top walls of the tyre and the surface area where the tyre meets the rim, thus reducing the risk of getting any of the dressing on the rims.

The solid foam grip is easy to handle and helps ensure that there is steady pressure whilst applying the dressing, so that uniform coverage can consistently be achieved.

Due to the overall design of this foam tyre dressing applicator you should experience less hand fatigue, even with constant use throughout the day. They are safe to use on all tyres with all types of tyre dressings.

Additional information

Weight .010 kg