I am a Professional Automotive Detailer and Detailing Product Supplier.

Where I started.
I have always had a passion for cars and motorbikes. Always modifying and detailing them to look absolutely amazing and protected from the elements. This prompted me into starting my own detailing business. I am constantly researching and learning about the latest in detailing product technology to better my knowledge. This allows me to use and stock the best detailing products In the World.

I invest my time in training with new products, equipment and services, allowing me to develop a very high level of skill and attention to detail making me a standout in the detailing industry. So, whether it’s your $1,000,000 super car or your grocery getter, it is always treated with the utmost care and respect as if it were my own pride and joy, with the best detailing products available.

I have been working closely with paint correction, paint refinement and paint protection coatings. My research and product testing of polishing machines, pads, polishing liquids, Microfiber towels, panel preps, ceramic and graphene coatings has resulted in me achieving world leading paint refinishing and gloss levels all backed by the World leaders in specialised paint measuring equipment, making me a standout in the detailing industry worldwide.

Using such high-quality products means needing a good local detailing supplier. The problem with this is there was no professional detailing supplier in South Australia. So I had to source the products from different states, or directly from the manufacturers worldwide. This led me to expanding my business to Professional Detailing Product Supplier, so that I was able to stock the world’s best detailing products to use in my detailing business, and have these detailing products readily available for vehicle enthusiasts and other detailing business to purchase Australia wide.

I am in a unique position as a Professional Detailer and Detailing Product Supplier. Because of this I can perform product testing, with hands on experience, putting them through the paces to see if they hold up to a professional standard with real world results. If they meet such a standard, I will stock them in my business. You can buy with confidence knowing that you are purchasing detailing products that are of the highest quality used in the professional industry to clean, protect and leave your vehicle looking incredible, turning heads where ever you go.