Liqui Moly Fuel System Cleaner / Conditioner

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  • More engine power & less fuel consumption
  • Smoother idling & better throttle response
  • Restores fuel delivery to address pinging & detonation issues
  • Eliminates hard starting and lean surging or hesitation
  • Suits petrol & diesel engines
  • Made in Germany

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Fuel System Cleaner / Conditioner is ideal for high performance engines as fuel flow and atomisation is critical. It can also be used to detox a fuel system that’s causing starting or hesitation problems, rough idling, poor acceleration or above normal exhaust emissions.
Intense Detox: the concentrated formula is more intense than a fuel injection cleaner. It has deep a cleaning action that removes stubborn build ups of carbon & deposits to fully restore horsepower and efficiency.
Special Conditioners: help protect the entire system from fuel tank to combustion chamber from deposit build up, allowing optimum fuel flow for up to 10,000km.
After approximately 200kms of driving you will notice Fuel System Cleaner / Conditioner improving the engines performance and restoring fuel efficiency levels.

Highly effective cleaning and preserving combination of additives that can be universally applied in all petrol and diesel injection systems such as K, KE, L Jetronic or all aspirated and high-pressure injection diesel systems (pumped-jet, common rail). With Fuel System Cleaner / Conditioner a number of problems that result from troublesome deposits in the mixture preparation or combustion chamber such as poor starting behavior, irregular idling, poor throttle response, high fuel consumption, high exhaust emissions values, etc. can be rectified.

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