Wheel Woolies 3pc Kit

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  • Best rim cleaning brushes in the world
  • Made in USA

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Cleaning your wheels and tight areas around your vehicle has never been easier

This brush set will last you many years as they are the best in the industry.

Introducing wheel woolies plus 3 pack, the ultimate wheel cleaning tools. They are safe on any wheel finish, and the compressible wool allows for deep cleaning even in the most intricate of areas – whilst keeping your hands away from the wheel and contaminants while cleaning.

The pack includes: 3 Wheel Woolies, Colour of heads Red/Black(shaft is black with red handle)

  1. Wheel Woolies – Large 46cm perfect for cleaning rim barrels with large gaps between spokes, wheel arches and can be useful for cleaning exhaust tips/pipes.
  2. Wheel Woolies – Medium 46cm for cleaning in between brake calipers and the rim barrels, in between small gaped rims and even in engine bays
  3. Wheel Woolies Plus – Small 30cm great for cleaning in between big brake calipers and rim, close spoked wheels, in grills and other small areas.

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